Presentation of the polyfunctional building

The operator and occupant of a polyfunction building in the Street SNP 3818/91/A in Trebišov is Oremus estate s.r.o and Logman s.r.o., Bratislava as two cobuilders of the building. The building itself was constructed by Weinberg93 s.r.o. company, the daughters company of Hungarian Weinberg93 Kft. The main activities of the company are general supplementation of constuctions of comercial and industrial buildings, holiday facilities including offices, it also provides covering and roofing jobs, as well as fabrication of steel constructions.

The building is situated in sourthern part of the town, close to the Hotel Zemplin, Tesco shopping centre and the hospital. The building has architectionaly filled in an empty place by Tesco, where an old nonfunctional boiler-house was situated.

Poloha blízko centra mesta a nemocnice sú ideálne najmä pre pacientov. Účelom stavby bolo vytvorenie nového zdravotníckeho zariadenia so zameraním na privátnu lekársku prax, špičkové pracovisko nefrologickej ambulancie a dialýzy s kapacitou 20 lôžok.

Construction process started in November, 2008 and was finished by June, 2009. The building is open for public from July, 2009. The building is polyfunctional and has 3 floors. The pharmacy, eyes optics and 3 private ambulances are situated on the ground floor.

On the second floor you find 10 ambulances with general doctors, an orthopedist, an endocrinologist, an opthalmologist, a neurologist, a pediatrist and a otorhinolaryngologist. The dialysis centre as well as ambulance of nefrology are located on the third floor.

The polyfunctional building provides pleasant atmosphere. On every floor, there are sanitary facilities separately for men and women. The building, designed for public, meet requirements for immobile people with lifts situated close to entrances of the building, which is fully air-conditioned.

Parkovanie motorových vozidiel zabezpečuje parkovisko umiestnené pred budovou s celkovým počtom 27 parkovacích miest a 4 miesta pre osoby s obmedzenými možnosťami pohybu.